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We use 925 sterling silver, which is forged by hand.
All our products are unique pieces, created starting from a hand carved wax model and then finished in our laboratory.

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All our products are carefully handcrafted.
We use high-quality leather from carefully selected manufacturers, focusing particularly on  sustainable suppliers.
Innovation is very important to us and we are currently also starting to work with sustainable materials.


Pyrate-Style Giulia Christen - Atelier Hamburg.

The combination of Giulia's creativity and professonalism and Holger's vast experience and talent results in unique creations, built into every detail and made with the utmost care.

Pyrate Style Giulia Christen holger hechtenberg


After being introduced to sewing and various handicrafts by his family, he studied graphic design at the HdK in Berlin, financing his studies with the creation of leather clothing.
After a long time at sea as a skipper, he had the chance to open a shop with his friend Fritz Ahrens, which they called Pyrate-Style, and became the the worlds first ever registered skull brand.

The  distinctive style and  indestructible quality led them to international success. Their clientele becomes more and more exclusive, including numerous celebrities and the most famous rock stars (Keith Richards, Lionel Richie, Lenny Kravitz, to name a few) At the same time, he also started to create silver jewellery and accessories, thus expanding Pyrate Style's offer.


After attending art school in Zürich, she graduated in Fashion and Textile Design at NABA in Milan. Following a long family tradition, she also specialised in Tailoring. After her training she went to Paris and worked as Assistant Designer at Guy Laroche, also contributing to Parisian Fashion shows.
During a stay in Hamburg at Pyrate-Style, she discovered her love for leather and silver and has honed her skills in this field. This passion led to the creation of her brand,

The leather fashion, jackets and pants, are designed and sewn in our studio by Giulia Christen and Holger Hechtenberg. Each leather jacket and leather pants is unique, made of valuable leather. Every piece of jewellery is handmade.
Each fashion piece is tailor-made. Giulia Christen will advise you and tailor exclusive, modern and legendary fashion. We are looking forward to your visit.

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